TYPO3 maintenance & support services

CMS based web sites should never go online without a security maintenance plan.
If your website software is not properly maintained it's vulnerable for hacking.


Software vulnerabilities are the main reason leading to hacked web sites. Fixing the hack is pricey compared to the security maintenance not to mention the loss of reputation, Google search rank or valuable data.


It's fairly easy to keep your TYPO3 CMS up to date. It has to be monitored and patched as soon as the fixes have been released. But there's no IF's, maintenance plan has to be sorted out before the site goes online.

On demand TYPO3 support

We provide TYPO3 editor and technical support on demand. Circumstances of it are agreed with the client beforehand and depend on the level of the support needed.

TYPO3 maintenance in client's web server

SSH access to the web server will be necessary. These packages do not include server maintenance, configuration or any server related tasks.

Sites in same TYPO3 installation 2 4 6
TYPO3 security and performance monitoring
TYPO3 core security patches
TYPO3 extensions security patches
Readiness to provide user support
Annually 790 € 990 € 1190 €

Managed TYPO3 servers

From server setup and maintenance to backup handling. We ensure secure and scalable performance of your cloud environment to run TYPO3 web applications.

Our experience

Some of our clients have been with us since the beginning (2005). Websites have gone through multiple design updates, becoming mobile friendly and all that. Behind there's always up to date and secure TYPO3 version to deliver the content.

Just get in touch and we can discuss the possible maintenance solution best for your web application.