TYPO3 maintenance & support services

Secure your TYPO3 websites.
Don't risk vulnerabilities by neglecting proper software maintenance.


Software vulnerabilities are a major cause of website hacks, resulting in expensive fixes, reputation loss, compromised search rank, and data loss. Don't underestimate the importance of security maintenance to avoid these consequences.


Ensure the seamless upkeep of your TYPO3 CMS by promptly monitoring and applying patches as soon as they are released. Don't leave any room for uncertainty—establish a maintenance plan prior to launching your website.

On demand TYPO3 support

Our services encompass both TYPO3 editor support and technical assistance. We work closely with our clients to determine the ideal level of support required, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

TYPO3 maintenance in client's web server

SSH access to the web server will be necessary. These packages do not include server maintenance, configuration or any server related tasks.

Sites in same TYPO3 installation 2 4 6
TYPO3 security and performance monitoring
TYPO3 core security patches
TYPO3 extensions security patches
Readiness to provide user support
Annually 790 € 990 € 1190 €

Our experience

With a solid track record since 2005, we have built enduring relationships with clients who have witnessed the evolution of their websites through multiple design updates, adapting to mobile-friendly requirements and more. Throughout these transformations, we have ensured that the backbone of their sites remains an up-to-date and secure TYPO3 version, delivering seamless content delivery.

Contact us to discuss the best maintenance solution for your web application.